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Wild Vines

This collection was inspired by my study abroad in Hong Kong.


Life is wild, beautiful, exciting, and spontaneous. Similar to a vine that is untouched and one with-in nature, these words speak to me and describe my time here in Hong Kong. My life is like a wild vine; always growing, never on a straight path, and always becoming more “one with nature” as I learn more  about myself each day. The color scheme is different hues of greens and natural colors found in nature because I was able to find my happy place in the nature of Hong Kong. It’s common to think Hong Kong is just a city full of sky- scrappers, a large financial distract, and and vibrant night life… Yet surrounding the city  are the beautiful mountains that create a surreal feeling at the top looking back at the concrete jungle below. Within nature so much bliss can be cultivated, in nature vines are forever growing and seeking for light, in nature I am a wild vine. 

Designed, cut and sewn by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw

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