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This reversible jacket was inspired by ancient Aztec culture and fashion.

 The fashion of the Aztec people in the early 13th century included many prints and classic “boxy, yet tailored” style of garments. I named the collection Shedded because the cocoon-like shape of the garment, portraying itself as being “shed” when it opens up in the front. When a Cocoon sheds and becomes a beautiful butterfly, the past tense of this action is called “Shedded”. This reversible garment's structure has an open upper sleeve seam that gives the jacket a “vest like” feel, easing all restrictions, and kimono-cut seamless sleeves.

Model: Chelsea Hogan• Photography by: Ariel Ramirez • Styled by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw• Designed, cut and sewn by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw

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