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Sawatdee · สวัสดี

Sawatdee: A Thai greeting meaning both good morning and good night

as the sun rises and sets.


Energies of past travels are the energies that get me up in the morning as the sun rises, and excite me day in and day out. Sawatdee evokes this energy from my travels through the garments that had once originated under ~the same sky~. Sawatdee incorporates sustainable techniques that have been incorporated from the TED Ten (Textiles~ Environment ~ Design) Designs that look at models from nature & history. Everyone and everything on our planet earth is connected by one sun and one moon. No matter where you are in the world, or how alone and little you feel, we are all connected together by something much bigger then all of us… our home, Planet Earth.

Model: Look 1: Liz Seibert Look 2: Kay Doyle Look 3: Michaela Carr• Photography by: Matthew Lucier • Styled by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw• Designed, cut and sewn by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw

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