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Plaid Patch

This over-sized button down shirt was created with a plaid flannel and patch worked together with “map print” cotton sleeves.

Geometric Fusion

This colleciton was inspired by Asian culture, specifically the beautiful soft
Japanese cherry blossoms, dainty birds, and mandarin style collars.

The juxtaposed inspiration to the soft muse’s are harsh geometric shapes found in modern intricate light fixtures. This collection has been created for the chic and stylish business women who can dress it up or down during the work day into the adventure filled night. The skirt has an asymmetrical overlap of the front flap and hexagon embellished top detail. Both of these details are inspired by the geometric light fixtures. The fabric choice and pattern was inspired by Asian culture. This look, shown below, was chosen to walk in the 2016 Synergy Fashion show at The University of Delaware.

Designed, cut and sewn by: Zoë Alexandra Shaw

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